Foil Board

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Wall, Cavity & Ceiling Insulation Panel
FOIL10STANDARD 102,440X1,200X10R1.8R1.8
FOIL102712STANDARD 102,700X1,200X10R1.8R1.8
FOIL15SUPER 152,440X1,200X15R2.2R2.2
FOIL1527SUPER 152,700X1,200X15R2.2R2.2
FOIL25ULTRA 202,400X1,200X20R2.6R2.6

Foil Board in a rigid insulation panel of polystyrene with a reflective foil on both sides. These panels can be used in all areas of residential and commercial insulation. In the case of a brick veneer, the Foil board panels are simply fixed to the timber studs, with the joints sealed with tape. Not only does this weatherproof the house, but it will not sag, rip or tear in the wind like regular sisalation does. Double brick dwellings can be simply insulated by pressing the 10 or 15 mm sheet over the brick ties, before the second skin begins construction. Foil board is also suitable for weatherboard clad homes, as a batten is simply run down on studs after the foil board has been installed. Foil board can also be used in conjunction with joist saddles to acheive an excellent subfloor insulation value.