Hebel Blocks

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Residential construction, outdoor fire places, external walls, bench seats and BBQs
HB60020075HEBEL BLOCK 600X200X75
HB600200150HEBEL BLOCK600X200X150
HB600200200HEBEL BLOCK600X200X200
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Tait stocks a large range of Hebel Blocks, for both internal and external use.
Hebel Blocks are a solid masonry material used for residential construction, outdoor entertaining areas, external walls, bench seats and BBQs

Hebel Blocks have been used and manufactured in Australia for almost 20 years and are backed by CSR, a well renowned Australian manufacturing company.

Hebel Blocks received the internationally labelled “environmental choice" for environmentally preferable products, with up to 60% less green house gas emissions compared to concrete and brick veneer.

Hebel Blocks are light weight and have greater design flexibility in comparison to more traditional brick, including the flexibility to be worked on with most standard power tools.

Hebel Blocks meet energy efficient regulations without the needed for added bulk insulation, which can save time and money.

Hebel Blocks are non combustible and have a very high fire rating; Hebel Blocks exceed the minimal fire rating requirements for high bush fire prone areas.

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Click on the link below to see an instructional video clip on the use and benefits of Hebel Blocks

Hebel Blocks video